English Lane Phase II Freehold Townhomes

When you are navigating the Toronto Real Estate market, choosing the perfect type of townhome is a pivotal decision. Freehold Townhomes and Condo Townhomes, are very different from each other and it is important that you understand their unique features before making a decision to buy. Let’s explore these two types of townhomes and help you discover why our luxury freehold townhomes English Lane Phase II might just be your dream home. 

Freehold Townhomes: Independence and Ownership

When you purchase a freehold townhome, you own both the building and the land it’s on. This means you have full control of your property, from landscaping to renovations, without needing to consult a condo board. For example, in a freehold townhouse you can cut the grass, plant a tree or shovel the snow out of your entrance, at whatever time and however you want to, without needing to pay extra maintenance fees, or talking to a neighbourhood board. 

Imagine you are living freehold townhome complex like in English Lane Phase II, you are owner of the highlighted red house – you are only in charge of your property and nothing else. If a pipe bursts on the shared New Street A street, or something outside of your property is damaged: it’s the city’s task and responsibility to fix it and take care of it. Same goes with neighbour properties and neighbourhood issues. 

One of the defining features of freehold townhomes is their integration into lived-in communities rather than being part of managed committees. This makes the choice of city area and neighborhood crucial, as it directly impacts your lifestyle and daily experience. At English Lane, we understand this significance deeply. Inspired by the success of English Lane Phase I, where a thriving community of luxury and sophistication was established, we are committed to recreating that experience. Our new phase aims to curate not just houses but a holistic neighborhood where elegance meets comfort, offering residents the freedom to pursue their personal home endeavors while enjoying a cohesive community spirit.

Condo Townhomes: Community and Convenience

In contrast, condo townhomes come with a shared ownership model. While you own your unit, the land and common areas are collectively owned by the condo corporation. This arrangement typically involves paying monthly condo fees that cover maintenance, amenities, and sometimes even utilities. Condo townhomes are ideal if you prefer a more community-oriented lifestyle, with facilities like elevators and you don’t mind adhering to a set of rules and regulations. For example, condo townhomes in a bustling Toronto neighborhood might offer shared green spaces but often lack the personal outdoor areas that freehold options provide.

The process of buying a condo townhome might include more paperwork and regulations you need to be aware of before signing. An advantage of this lifestyle is that you can get your grass cut, snow shovelled and a bunch of other tasks for a fee, giving you less responsibility for common areas. Taking the same example as in the freehold townhome, if a pipe were to burst, the New Street A – street would be damaged, or there is a problem with the land your house is on, the neighbourhood would have to come to an agreement to hire someone to fix it, manage logistics, etc. 

Fees are usually kept in a reserve for any future expenses that may occur on the neighborhood or your property, and while Condo Townhomes are typically a bit lower in price, keep in mind that as years pass by these fees may increase, so you and your budget are not caught by surprise. 

Key Differences: Ownership, Control and Costs

The primary differences between freehold and condo townhomes boil down to ownership and control. With a freehold townhome, you’re responsible for all maintenance and repairs but enjoy greater freedom and potential for customization. Conversely, condo townhomes offer less personal responsibility for upkeep, as the condo board handles common area maintenance. However, this comes at the cost of condo fees and less autonomy. If you’re someone who relishes the thought of a backyard barbecue or a bespoke exercise room—our freehold townhomes offer this and more, with no monthly fees to limit your plans.

Discover Your Ideal Home: Our Freehold Townhomes

Our luxury freehold townhomes in Toronto’s prime neighborhoods provide unparalleled sophistication, from spacious, airy rooms to state-of-the-art designs. With occupancy starting in spring 2025, these homes offer the perfect blend of exclusivity and convenience, making them the best townhome complex for those seeking the finest in urban living.

Ready to make the leap? Explore our Freehold Townhomes for Sale and experience the difference. Register today for an exclusive tour and discover why our properties stand out in the best neighborhoods to live in Toronto. Don’t miss out—engage with us on social media, share your thoughts, and let’s connect to make your dream home a reality.

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