Mr. Ghasem Ghods is the President and Founder of Ghods Builders Incorporated, which was inaugurated in 1979.
After emigrating from Iran in 1971, Mr. Ghods went on to study engineering at the University of Texas, where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in urban design and city planning. His first experience in the industry began with building custom designed homes and townhouses in the city of Austin, Texas. Determined not to let any opportunities pass him by, Mr. Ghods made the decision to move his family to Canada in order to further pursue his passion for building.
Over the next decade Mr. Ghods was responsible for designing and building several hundred custom homes, each being a distinct benchmark of excellence. Ghods Builders have become widely recognized for building quality residences located in exceptional communities. These have notably made a positive impact on Toronto’s urban landscape with such projects as Symphony Square, Sonata, Chelsea Gate and English Lane.


Mrs. Rosa Ghods is the Vice-President and Co-Founder of Ghods Builders Incorporated. She is currently head of the company’s accounting department.
She also emigrated from Iran and went on to study Chemistry and Business at the University of Texas, where she graduated with her Bachelor's Degree.
With Mrs. Ghods always giving her full and ongoing support, she has become the glue that holds Ghods Builders together. Her high regard for family is a core value at Ghods Builders and has become the guiding source of their business practices. Mrs. Ghods has made significant contributions to the company’s well-respected reputation for high quality with her impeccable taste in design.


Dr. Honey Ghods currently holds the position of Vice-President of Business Development at Ghods Builders Incorporated.
The eldest of Ghasem and Rosa Ghods four children, Dr. Ghods was born in Texas and raised in North York, Ontario. She has an extensive educational background, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Policy, Planning and Development (with emphasis in real estate) from the University of Southern California. Dr. Ghods moved to Michigan State University to attend law school and obtained a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State as well as a dual PhD in Educational Policy and Educational Administration.
Growing up in the family owned and operated business, Dr. Ghods brings extensive expertise, an exuberant enthusiasm, and a new vibrant tone to Ghods Builders.


KIRKOR ARCHITECTS In 1980, Clifford Korman established Clifford Korman Architect. The exponential growth of his practice led him to merge with Steven Kirshenblatt, creating Kirshenblatt Korman Associates which eventually became Kirkor.
Part of Kirkor’s success stems from the “Kirkor 10-Minute Solution”- Clifford Korman’s ability to develop and conceptualize a design strategy within the first 10 minutes of meeting a client. This “instant creativity that works” has resulted in many repeat clients across the greater Toronto area and from Vancouver, New Brunswick, Texas, Nevada, China and Israel.
Clifford Korman has been involved in more than 2,000 projects to date. His wealth of experience has attracted major clients.


TERRAPLAN is an award winning landscape design firm established in 1980. It provides consistently exceptional work that reflects the firm’s enduring commitment to design quality and an unrelenting desire to deliver on their clients’ vision and aspirations.
Terrapaln was co-founded Paul Marsala, a full member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, the American Society of Landscape Architects and an accredited green roof professional.
Paul is known for his work on numerous high profile, large-scale urban design projects.
Under his guidance, the creativity, technical expertise, and collaborative approach of the Terraplan team has been recognized with numerous urban design awards for recreational, commercial and industrial projects.


SIGMUND SOUDACK & ASSOCIATES was established in 1968 and has grown to become a reputable award winning engineering company. Mr. Soudack has a vast amount of experience in the structural design of over 500 hi-rise buildings, industrial structures and institutional facilities. His portfolio includes landmark condominium projects.
His firm also provides clients with expertise in consulting, feasibility studies, structural and detailing design, restoration consulting and contract administration. They work as partners with clients, architects, and other engineers, often developing new systems or using new materials to reduce construction costs and ensure buildings are safe and sustainable.


KRCMAR SURVEYORS LTD. is proud to be an instrumental member of the outstanding development team for 5959 Yonge Street, involved in all aspects of the multi-phase project, from land acquisition to condo registration and final closing.
A leading GTA land surveying firm, KRCMAR specializes in complex, multi-use condominium and commercial development, and serves the region’s top builders as they redefine the Toronto skyline.
KRCMAR has been an industry innovator for more than three decades, and is the founder of the groundbreaking Condo Start to Finish Process™, professional development seminar series.


DESIGN THEORY is a full service interior design firm based out of Toronto. Their focus is high-end residential homes and new condominium developments, where they take a multi-sensory approach to each and every project creating exceptional and inspiring spaces. From large family homes to upscale city condos, each space is thoughtfully designed to meet and surpass the client’s expectations.